No BAE for Christmas: 10 Tips to Survive Holiday Breakups (w/video)

Breakups are bad enough but they make us feel worse when they take place during the holiday season. So, how do we survive holiday breakups without falling into deep depression? Here’s a few tips I recommend to survive holiday breakups.

  1. Quit him cold turkey – Sometimes distance is absolutely necessary in order to get over him. Avoid his social media, texts, and change his name in your phone. Delete him if you have to! I would also recommend de-cluttering your space of all things that remind you of him. Avoid obsession.
  2. Keep your mind busy – Immediately after a breakup, our minds start to wonder. This is not a good thing to do, especially if the relationship was on a rocky road. It’s good to keep your mind busy and not think about it. Find something else to do to occupy your time and your mind. Revisit old ideas or unfinished plans. Soon you’ll be too busy to think about what’s-his-face.
  3. Get active – Yes, take the time to have a good cry, but don’t sit around moping. Get active and find a hobby. The holidays bring about so many activities. Get out of the house and volunteer or exercise.
  4. Treat yourself – I would definitely recommend buying yourself something really nice or going on a trip to make you feel good or to get away. A change of scenery always works best for me, especially since the holiday season is the time for the most travel. Visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while or go on an adventure. Regain your independence and buy yourself something only you deserve.
  5. Fake it – If your relationship was to the point where you both were introduced to each other’s families, nothing is more annoying than having family and friends come around and ask you, “How’s your friend?” during the holidays after the break up. Even if you’re not over him, fake it. It works every time. After a while, you won’t have to pretend that you’re okay because you’ll be happy again someday soon.
  6. Spend time with family or friends – Now, if you have the kind of family that doesn’t worry you about your love life, or lack thereof, spend more time with them. If you’re looking for love, sometimes the best place to look to your family (as cheesy as it may sound). Restore your social life. You may have isolated yourself after spending so much time in a relationship.
  7. Avoid negativity – We all love a little gossip and some of us can’t help spilling the details of the good and bad things about our relationships, but be careful who you spill the tea to. Some people are around just to bring negative energy and if you’re struggling with dealing with your breakup, don’t spend time around people who will bring either of you down.
  8. Rebound – I suggest this one with hesitation. After all, there’s the annual tradition of a New Year’s kiss to start off the new year and some could argue the age-old saying about “the best way to get over your ex…” I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with a little confidence booster, however, exercise your newfound freedom with caution. Make sure that you’re ready first.
  9. Have fun – Distract yourself and take a bunch of selfies doing it. So what if he sees? At least you’re having a good time and a phone full of memories. Creating new memories to replace the painful ones is healthy in my opinion.
  10. Move on – At the end of the day, there’s a lesson to be learned in every relationship and every breakup. Accept that it’s over and you’ll find it easier to get over him. Set new goals for yourself for the new year and work on developing yourself.

Unfortunately, the experience of dating a guy and then breaking up right before the holidays – be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’— is enough to make any woman want to curl up in the fetal position or lie in bed and hide until it’s over. In retrospect, consider yourself lucky that you didn’t start the new year with someone who did not want to be with you, but it still sucks to have to go through the pains of the holidays with no BAE. Yes, cuffing season is over but that doesn’t mean that we should wallow in our depression. There’s no for-sure way to quickly get over him, but at least we’re trying.


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