My Lazy Makeup Routine w/video

Everyone that knows me knows that I do not simply put on eyeliner and lipstick and call it a day. When I do my makeup, I beat my face to the Gods! But even I have my days when I don’t feel like putting a full face. So here’s my typical routine when I go out and want to look like somebody! Watch my full video on my channel!!

Products I use include:

  1. Rodan + Fields Unblemish Oil Control Lotion (SPF30) –  I’ve been using Rodan + Fields all summer. It’s my #1 regimen. Some would argue that Rodan + Fields is expensive but it’s no more than what one woman would spend on a really nice weave or bags of beauty products. The oil control lotion is a lower spectrum protecting lotion but it’s also a good primer. I like to use the lotion on my face as an extra layer of protection before using my foundation.
  2. Black Radiance Liquid Foundation in (Brownie 8414) – I’ve gone to wearing liquid foundation in the fall. Black Radiance is a favorite of mine because it is inexpensive and super close to my complexion. It’s not meant to be warm all day, but it lasts long enough for me get where I have to go and get home!
  3. Estee Lauder Double-wear Concealer – I love this concealer because even when I don’t want to wear foundation, I can just wear my concealer and call it a day! This product lasts a really long time and it does not need a powder to stay matte.
  4. Wet n’ Wild Photofinish Eyeshadow Primer – When I don’t want to use my Urban Decay Primer Potion, I will use this product! It’s stays on just as long and is even harder to wash off! This is a really inexpensive product; less than $6.
  5. Mac Pro-concealer (NW50) – This product is optional. I usually use this product when I run out of my Estée Lauder concealer. Typically, use this product for touching up blemishes.
  6. Ulta Green eyeshadow quads – Also optional. I only wear color when I’m really in the mood to do something extra. I usually use neutral colors on my eyes or purple.
  7. Max Factor Eyeliner & Mascara  (black) – These items were sent to me free to test out from Influenster (see my boxing videos). The eyeliner is a flat tip liquid eyeliner, made for easy application. I find this liner super easy to use when I need a quick winged eye. And the mascara grabs every lash in my eyelashes. Compared from my other mascara a, I use this one the most because it makes my lashes long and full.
  8. Black Radiance True Complexion contour palette (Medium to Dark) – My contours and is not that strong but I still try. My highlight game, however, is on point and I use this powder palette to sculpt and highlight on days when I don’t want to put that much effort behind it.
  9. Missy Lynn Color-lock lipstick (Missy Lynn) – This is the closest that I will get to a “nude” color. It’s my favorite lipstick by the beauty guru, Missy Lynn, from her product launch with BH Cosmetics. Really creamy and stays matte all day. I love this inexpensive lipstick for every day wear.

To see the full look put together, watch my video on my channel.


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