L’ORÉAL Hair #ExtraordinaryClay Review

If you want to see exactly how this product works, check out my video on my YouTube channel.

Let’s talk about the packaging. These products were sent to me, as I said, from Influenster. They sent me the clay mask, shampoo, and conditioner.  Product sizes are as follows:

Clay mask: 5.1 fl oz – 150 mL

Shampoo: 12.6 fl oz – 375 mL

Conditioner: 12.6 fl oz. – 375 mL

I really love the packaging of the product. I think L’Oréal did a good job with the way that they emphasized the 3 different clays used to make the all three products. They’re also silicone free. And can be used on colored hair.  The purpose of the three refined clays is to treat oily roots and hydrate dry ends. As a result your hair should feel lightweight and hydrated.

L’Oréal hair experts do not reveal what the the refined clays are, however, ingredients like olive fruit oil can be found on the Ingredients label. Directions on how to use the clay mask can be found by simply peeling back the label on the lid: 

I was excited to try this product and I’m glad that I did. I think that the pre-shampoo clay mask is my favorite product from the line. I felt like it removed a lot of oils and hair products that usually clog my roots. I also incorporated the inversion method with this step and I think it made a difference.

The shampoo and conditioner were good products as well. I washed my hair three times and feel like I really got to my roots. I tried to stay away from washing my ends too much because I didn’t want to strip them but after deep conditioning and doing the inversion method again, my hair felt lighter when it was time to air dry and straighten. I feel like if I’d relaxed my hair and shampooed and conditioned with the Extraordinary Clay after using neutralizing shampoo, my hair would’ve felt even lighter.

For more of my thoughts or anything I missed, please watch my video on my channel. Subscribe for more on either platform! And if you’ve used any of these products or you have questions, please comment below! Thanks!!

Disclaimer: I am an Influenster blogger. These products were sent to me free for testing purposes. What I say about the products or items sent to me is my own opinion.


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