#QTNA: Are Tattoos a Sin?? 

Those of us who grew up in a religious setting, know about sin. I’m not going to go into The Bible with a series of explanations, just opening a topic for discussion. We’re all entitled to our opinions. 

So, for those of you who don’t know, I am a minister’s daughter (that’s a topic for another day). I also have tattoos. I’ve heard in my youth that it is a sin to mark your body; I’ve heard this from different denominations of Christianity but it didn’t deter me from getting one (or several) as soon as I was of age. And I plan to have more. I personally don’t think that getting a tattoo is a sin. It’s a form of expression. A form of art. 

I want to know other people’s opinions on religion and tattoos. Is it a sin? Is it any different from getting your earlobes pierced or a belly button piercing? Are the rules against sin simply derived from the Old Testament and do not apply to us now? I’m curious to know other religious perspectives on tattooing. 


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