10 Things I Learned in My Teens

The title explains it all. We are most impressionable during our adolescence.  I learned a lot about myself at a young age and I would share this wisdom with those younger than me, especially young girls. Click here for in-depth video!

  1. High school is overrated 
  2. Dating is easier as a child
  3. Best friends are forever 
  4. I enjoy academics 
  5. I am driven
  6. I am beautiful 
  7. Find my passion
  8. Boys are overrated
  9. I will make mistakes 
  10. Get out of my comfort zone 

A good bit of these points can be applied to all ages. If there was one thing I would recommend taking away, it would be to know that we will make mistakes but we should learn from them. After all, “Youth comes but once in a lifetime” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

P.S. Found another great video on insecurities. Click here to watch BeautyChatXO’s “My Insecurities” video.  


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