Winter Looks Styled by Boohoo

Winter is hands down my favorite season. It’s the only time of the year when it gets blistering cold in this state, and I love it! I tried to film this lookbook outside but it kept raining. Hope you don’t mind. Here are my favorite looks styled by

Outfit 1: This is one of my favorite outfits. I love this jumper dress from Boohoo. I love neutral color and it’s really warm. I also love my boots. My boots are from AMI Clubwear and I absolutely love them. I really love the way the boots cling to my legs and thighs. But don’t be fooled, these boots cannot be worn for a long period of time before hurting! The purse is from H&M.

Outfit 2: I like this type of outfit for work. The top I got from H&M and the skirt is, of course, from Boohoo. It might be cold outside but a really long coat does the trick. I paired this outfit with my favorite pair of heels from Charlotte Russe. The heels are really comfortable. This look is both professional and casual which can be dressed up on or down depending on the type of jacket or coat I wear with it.

Outfit 3: This outfit is super casual and not matter the color tank, the cardigan matches. I got the cardigan from Burlington Coat Factory and it’s actually a 2x. I like the oversized look of the cardigan; the large and extra-large in the store didn’t suit the oversized look I was going for. And it doesn’t matter if I’m outside or in, it’s a cozy piece that I keep nearby. The tank is from H&M, paired with high-waisted jeans from Charlotte Russe. The boots from Burlington Coat Factory. I have at least two more pairs in brown and black.

Outfit 4: One of my favorite things to do on my days off work is to lounge around. When it’s really cold at home, you can usually catch me in some sort long-sleeve shirt or a sweater. I love this waffle-knit jumper from Boohoo because it’s off the shoulder; showing off my tattoo. When I go out, I like wearing hats; this one I got from Hollister for $1.99 on sale. The jeans are from Forever 21 and the shoes were a Christmas gift. I treat them like my slippers because they’re too nice to wear outside.

If you would like to know the links to certain items, please refer to my YouTube channel. Links to my winter and fall hauls can be found here and here for details!


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