My Top 3 Winter Destinations 

We’ve all got a list of places we want to go and sometimes we actually get there! I was lucky enough to travel abroad and it’s an experience I’ll never forget. During my time abroad, I fell in love with majority of the places I visited, but here are my top three!

#3: Paris, France 

I always wanted to go to Paris and I managed to make it happen in December 2013. I was dressed in so many layers, the temperature was below -3.8 degrees Celsius, that’s below 25 degrees Fahrenheit! I studied French for years so I was really excited to practice my “second” language. Like all places, Paris had its good and bad times, nevertheless, it was a great experience and I would visit again with my family!

#2: Amsterdam, Netherlands  

Amsterdam was a little gem of a destination! Located about an hour and 45 minutes from Rotterdam, Amsterdam is the home of Anne Frank and the Van Gough Museum. I visited this place for a weekend with my housemates on a whim and I’m glad that I did. Normal climate in the winter is 45 degrees Farenheit (about 7 degrees Celsius). Thankfully the sun was out and that made up for the chilly wind.

#1: Canterbury, England  

Canterbury will forever be my all-time favorite winter destination. I loved the environment. Such a quaint countryside 60 miles from London. Canterbury was my home away from home while I studied abroad and I will forever love my time spent there. Typical climate is freezing cold, especially when it rains, but if you have a good pair of “Wellies,” then you’re good to go!

For my full study abroad experience, see my previous travel blog, “The Canterbury Chronicles,” here: The Canterbury Chronicles.


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