My New Office’s Accent Wall 

For some time, I wanted to change from having a job to having a career, and I am excited to say that I finally have the chance to start my career and really get into working in my field. If you did not know, my formal background is in public relations and mass communications. I absolutely love it and would not trade my experiences in the PR field with anything in the world. It has opened doors for me; one of which leading me straight into a brand new office of my own.

I plan on spending a lot of time in my office, so, I did not want to spend countless hours staring at a blank yellow wall. Designing my new space feels like heaven. Having a personalized space to work five days out of the week is a dream come true and being able to design my office however I want is more than I expected.

So, let’s get into it! Canvas artwork is one of my favorites. With the help of an interior designer mom and a fashion-forward sister, I knew that my vision could come to life. My primary colors for my office are gold, white, and black with a few blue accents. I also wanted some greenery to bring life into my space.

While designing my office, I wanted to incorporate things that matter most to me. If you know me, then you know that orchids are my favorite flowers aside from yellow tea roses. So, I had to incorporate my favorite flowers to add greenery to my room. I also like coffee, hence the extra-large mug next to my orchids.

In regards to my canvases, I wanted inspirational quotes that mean something to me and hopefully to others so, I chose the two smaller square canvases that read: “Inspire others” and “Let life surprise you.” I chose these instead of my accolades because I did not want to create an intimidating space with solely my degrees.

Next, I added the “Adventure Awaits” canvas because I loved my study abroad experience and still talk about it. I want other people to feel like their next adventure is right outside their door and the possibilities are boundless. This is my favorite piece of art; it has arrows and I am obsessed with arrows. For my last piece, I added the feather artwork. I love the gold accent in the art and the detail is gorgeous. I separated this art from my accent wall because it deserved to stand alone. I also have a small, square blue pillow to cushion my back (not pictured).

With my office, I wanted to create an environment that welcomed other people into my space but also inspired them to do great things. So, I created a sort of “No limits” theme to pay homage to my undergraduate university’s mantra and to encourage others to reach new heights every day. I hope that my space inspires other people while creating their accent wall. Details on the cost of everything and where I bought each piece is mentioned in my video on my channel so, go watch it!



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