Spring Break in Wilmington, NC


So, it’s been a while since my last actual post. To be completely honest, I kind of lost my sense of inspiration. There were days when I wanted to write but I couldn’t bring myself to log and create a really compelling story. I think that last month I was going through a moment of depression and didn’t know how to get out of it. It took spending the day in another town to realize that I have to get back to my blog.

For my sister’s birthday, my family and I decided to do something different. It was during the week of Spring Break, so we decided to take a trip to Wilmington, North Carolina; home of the hour-long television series, One Tree Hill. Despite the almost seven-hour drive to get there, it turned out to be quite the destination. The townspeople were really nice and the local food was spectacular! Cape Fear Seafood Company is the best. Fresh from the market to the restaurant!

Cape Fear “Fresh Catch”. Seared salmon with rice pilaf and creamy risotto

Its Carolina coast was even more beautiful; its beaches were sandy and without all the shells that would normally stab your feet. While sitting on the white sand at Kure Beach, I looked out into the endless waves of ocean and thought about how incredibly blessed I am. It was then that I felt more at peace than I ever felt this year. There I was, sitting on a sandy beach and not thinking about my problems; not allowing the weight of my concerns rest on my shoulders. It was an incredible feeling that I didn’t not want to let go.


We stayed until sunset and the view was breathtaking. The view from the pier was amazing and I was happy to spend moments like that with the people that love. So glad to cross another destination off my list!


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