Falling Back in Love with Myself

Self-love is not as easy as some people make it seem!

In the past couple of months, I noticed a decline in my self-confidence. Since I stopped dating, I noticed how shut off I’ve been. Yeah, I’m a pretty outgoing individual and it shows through my blog and my YouTube channel, but since getting “dumped,” I seriously started evaluating everything that I thought was wrong with me. I think a lost a little of bit of my confidence. There were days when I would sit and think to myself, trying to figure out what I did wrong and I fell into depression.

So there’s one thing that I know for certain; we will fall in love over and over again with people, but the love that we have for ourselves is the most important. Here’s what I know about self-love:

  1. It stems from self-confidence. Something within me told me to wake up and stop feeling bad about something that I couldn’t control. I finally came to my senses and realized how amazing I am and how much I have to offer to the world.
  2. It’s all about my happiness and what’s best for me. So, despite the fact that I aim to please in every relationship (the curse of the Virgo zodiac), I can’t be concerned with how other people feel all the time. There are times when I have to think of myself.
  3. It’s a challenge in itself. Sometimes I feel selfish for wanting the things that I want but it’s all a part of learning how to appreciate myself. I saw with my own eyes how talented and impressive I am and it feels good.

The very definition of “self-love” is the regard of one’s own well-being and happiness. These days, I’m not so worried about finding the love of my life or the love of my life finding me. I am just fine with being in love with myself. Sometimes I catch myself comparing myself to other women and I’m still working on it but I know that my “relationship” ended for reason and I’m better because of it. I know what makes me so different from everyone else and I embrace it. Someone else will appreciate it. Lord knows I do!


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