Battle for the Perfect Shade: Lancôme Teint Idole Collection on Dark Skin 

I’m sure that most woman can sympathize with how difficult it is to find the perfect shade of foundation for their skin. The hunt for the perfect shade of foundation for dark skin is a difficult feat, but when you find “the one,” it’s hard to let it go! Lately, I’m on the hunt for a foundation with good coverage but also the best color for my skin. My current obsession is with Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation.

Even though I love makeup, I do not love the process of finding the “perfect foundation,” there are too many variables involved; oxidation, tint, the changes in my skin from summer to winter. There’s too much involved and I don’t really like it when the reps try and tell me my shade because I feel like they’re just trying to sell me a product.

So it came down to two shades, 540 Suede N and 550 Suede C. “N” meaning “neutral” and “C” meaning “Cool.” Now, I know that I have warm tones in my face, so I think that once the foundation oxidizes, that it will turn gray on me but the 550 Suede C seems like a good shade. I am leaning more toward the 540 Suede N because it is neutral and it is very similar to my rum spice shade of Estée Lauder.

See if you can tell the difference!

On the right side of my face, I used 540 Suede N. On the left 550 Suede C

Ultimately, only time will tell which shade is truly right for me. I will pick a day and try both out to see which really suits me best! 
XO Kels




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