NEW Dove Dermacare Shampoo Review 

Hello Belles and Beauxs! 

Let’s talk about the recent release of Dove’s new Dermacare Shampoo collection. This product was sent to me free by Influenster, so I was able to try it and now it’s time to share my review! 

The Dove Dermacare collection comes with four new shampoo and conditioners. Influenster sent me a survey asking me my specific hair needs, which helped them determine the type of shampoo I needed. 

I tend to have a dry scalp because I typically am too lazy to oil my roots, but it doesn’t itch. I may experience dandruff every so often. Based on my response, I received the Dove Dermacare Scalp: Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. 

This 12 oz. bottle was developed using pyrithione zinc (an agent best known for treating dandruff). Dove experts claim that the shampoo “gently cleanses and soothes itchy, dry scalp for smooth, less frizzy hair.” It also claims “no visible flakes with regular use.” 

I tried this shampoo a few days ago, and my general opinion is that the shampoo is okay. I honestly do not think that it is meant for women with my hair because compared to my L’ORÉAL shampoo, the Dove shampoo dried my hair out. I also do not think it was not as thick as other shampoos I’ve tried, which could be a good thing if you like light shampoos. Dove is known for having lightweight, silky smooth products.  

I don’t think it will use this product in the future unless I experience extreme dandruff. With the shampoo, I think I experienced more breakage because my hair was so dry. Like their soap, I think that the formula for their products are  too drying for me. I think this product will better serve other people who experience oily scalps. 

So that’s my review, I hope you all enjoyed it! If you’ve tried any of the Dermacare in the comments and tell me what you think of it. 

~ Kels


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